Calling for Stewardship

Why should you love your earth? The Bible actually tells you why.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. The same God who created all the trees, birds, fishes, and all the animals created human beings. Everything he made he saw that it was good, a beautiful world full of life.


Sanibel Island Leopard Crap walking on broken shells.



God made mankind in his own image. He gave man dominion and stewardship over the land and all the organisms. Everything that God created was for mankind who were to live in relationship with God.

After the fall of man and sin entered the world the perfect bond between God and man was shattered until Jesus came to die for all people. Over history human lifestyles have advanced, but at a price. Greed, selfishness, and ambition of humanity have harmed our blue and green planet.

Pollution, waste, deforestation, animals hunted to extinction, climate change, human development of animal habitats, and consumerism are a few of the factors that are negatively affecting our home today.

My favorite animal is the snow leopard and they are an endangered species. The predators have been illegally poached over the years as well as killed by humans protecting their herd animals. Their decline has been greatly affected by humans.


Baby Snow Leopard stuffed animal


Just take a moment to imagine a world before human advancement, industrialization, pollution, and extinction due to human activity. The oceans were teeming full of abundant see life, animals roamed where they pleased, rainforests covered miles of land, and different ecosystems across the world worked as they were intended.

We will never see this world, but we can become better steward of what remains. God did give us the earth, but he did not intend for us to abuse it. We need to better care for our home.

Do your part in loving your earth. Change your lifestyle to reduce waste, recycle items that you can, support businesses that are working ethically and applying conservation practices, and to be more politically active when it comes to making community changes for preservation.

Live in a way where you are loving your earth.



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