Project 1:OK Obesity

With the New Year comes new resolutions, and one of the most common resolutions is weight loss. One reason it is such a popular choice for a life change is because obesity levels have been on a steady rise over the years.

 According to the findings of a government survey in 2011 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released percentages of the obesity rates of the states in America. Mississippi was ranked the highest in obesity rate with 36% and Colorado was the lowest with just under 21%. After the survey was completed the states with a very high rate of obesity increased from nine to twelve states, including Oklahoma at 31.1%.


 Since the 2011 the obesity level in Oklahoma has increased to 33.9% and the obesity level in Delaware County has risen to be 33.2%. According to the Integris of Grove Hospital the obesity level in Oklahoma has nearly tripled since 1990 and obesity is at an all-time high. The excess weight gain increases the risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


            The increase of weight gain can be accounted for due to the convenience of fast food restaurants, the increased amount of screen time, lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables, higher cost of healthier foods, lack of sidewalks and safe places to walk, and limited health education. Modern busy lifestyles has allowed for people to put their personal health on the back burners.

To help combat the obesity and other prevalent health problems in the Delaware County area Grove Integris Hospital have issued their Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for 2017. Integris Grove’s mission is “to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.” The demographic of Grove mainly consists of young families with school age children as well as a large retired population. Integris has teamed up with the local community to educate the local community to combat obesity.

City parks are a good area to get up and get moving. Local events are offered that promote good nutrition and physical activity, joining a weight loss support group, and free walking and running clubs are offered. Local restaurants are offering healthier and lighter meal choices. In order to fight obesity it is important to make lifestyle changes, set physical and dietary goals, and stick to the new active and healthy lifestyle. The Grove community also offers an area farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday where fresh produce can be purchased.


Integris Grove Hospital’s Obesity Plan 2017 has a three year goal to help promote healthy lifestyles through better nutrition and more physical activity to decrease the obesity rates to 30% by June 2020.

Obesity is an issue that affects about a third of Americans today. It is an issue that can be fixed through personal lifestyle changes, physical activity, better nutrition and community support.



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