Importance of Loving Your Earth

I have been very fortunate to have been able to travel and experience nature around different parts of the world.

Every year I travel to Sanibel Island, Florida with my family and spend time on the beach, pool, and bike riding around the island. I easily spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air and God’s creation on the trip than the time I spend in the condo.


The island community of Sanibel does a great job of caring for their environment by encouraging recycling, trash and litter are routinely picked up, and wildlife conservation is a goal of the community.

Sanibel is a place where humans live in and to preserve nature.

One of my other favorite places to go is Colorado, especially in the winter. Steamboat Springs, Colorado is where I have gone to snowboard and to marvel at the sheer majesty of the Rocky Mountains that God created.

I always enjoy seeing everyone on the mountain enjoying the snow and the nature around them.

In 2014 I traveled with the Oklahoma Baptist University Women’s soccer team to Natal, Brazil for a mission trip.

While in Brazil I got to share the word of Jesus, eat wonderful food, drink the world’s best coffee, swim in the cleanest lake I’ve ever seen, drink straight from coconuts, experience a wonderful new culture, and I was constantly being amazed by God’s marvelous creation.

One thing that did catch my eye was the wide range of how people treated their city. Natal is a large city on the ocean with a wide range of people with different incomes. I stayed in a high rise apartment with my host family that was wonderfully kept and the grounds were groomed. But just across the street were some shacks with trash around everywhere.

Even walking along the beach you would see piles of trash just lying there.

It struck me that people didn’t see they were dirtying such a beautiful place. Trash doesn’t belong on the beach where it can pollute the oceans.

Knowing where your trash goes is very important. Americans account for only 5% of the world’s population, but we produce 30% of the world’s garbage. Over 50% of what Americans throw away is actually recyclable.

To reduce, reuse, recycle is to help preserve your earth.

The following video has some facts about the positive impact of recycling. It shows one of the ways that my family tries to reduce the amount of waste we produce by recycling all the goods that we can. It takes individuals to make the decision to change their lives into a more green lifestyle where you can better take care of and love your earth.



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