The Mountains


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Mountain ranges are found all over the world and occupies approximately 1/5 of the land surface on Earth. Mountains are important to the Earth because they provide critical resources, food, wood, highly diverse ecosystems, and most importantly it is a source from where many people get their water.

Humans live in the mountains, use their resources, and use them for recreation in the winter and summer. It is vital for humans to respect the land giants around the world because so much of life on Earth is dependent upon the health of mountains.

Steamboat, Colorado

In his article “Mountains: globally important ecosystems” Martin F. Price said, “Mountains play a critical role in the water cycle by capturing moisture from air masses; when this precipitation falls as snow, it is stored until it melts in the spring and summer, providing essential water for settlements, agriculture and industries downstream – often during the period of lowest rainfall.”

Half of the world’s populations depend upon mountains for their water source. Without water life cannot exist.

Like in Steamboat, CO the skiing season ends when the Elk migration begins to allow humans share the mountains with the wildlife that inhabited the area before humans settled there.

Making the effort to preserve the health of mountains and their ecosystems is a great way to love your Earth.



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