Project 3 – OBU Going Greener


Oklahoma Baptist University is looking to the future with recent decisions on how to improve the school for prospective students, faculty, and the earth as a whole.

Environmental stewardship is on the list of initiatives that OBU would like to improve upon and complete by the year 2020.

On OBU’s website for their future initiatives it states, “Environmental stewardship and creation care initiatives will be cited regionally and nationally including new facility construction and remodeling with specific goals to include conservation and green efforts.”

OBU plans to add new buildings and add on to pre-existing buildings, like Wood Science Building, while upholding conservational and green building efforts.

OBU helps with the environmental efforts by integrating nature and the planting of trees on it’s main campus. Many of the sidewalks and walkways are lined by trees.

“By 2020 the OBU campus will be regionally recognized as one of the top arboretums in the state.”

The trees and vegetation on campus are upheld by the grounds faculty, and their work is frequently enjoyed by students who spend time outside in their hammocks in the trees.

There is an area owned by the university north of the main campus, called the North 40, which are grounds that are left natural. Students can enjoy the nature by playing the disc golf course, fishing on one of the three ponds, and walking trails.

OBU also helps give back to the community and nature by organizing campus wide service events in the fall and spring semesters. Serve Shawnee in the fall and One Body United in the spring gives students an opportunity to serve their community where many students will go to help local groups clean up parks and other natural environments around Shawnee. This year’s One Body United event is scheduled for Saturday April the 8th.

salvation army

At OBU there are hundreds of students, visitors, and faculty that utilize the grounds everyday. The average American will produce around 4.3 pounds of waste per day. To reduce that waste OBU has removed extra dumpsters and trashcans and replaced them with more recycling receptacles.

Paper waste is a big thing on college campuses. To cut down on the paper waste in the OBU library there are plenty of recycle bins for students to be able to recycle their printer paper.

To help reduce plastic waste OBU has installed water bottle filling stations in the Geiger Center, Stavros Nursing Hall, and the Recreation and Wellness Center (RAWC).

Oklahoma Baptist University is doing their part in creation care and setting a course for better Christian stewardship of God’s earth.

OBU’s list of initiatives can be found at this link:



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