Love Your Earth When You Travel

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Summer is nearly here. Schools will be letting out, students will be graduating, and families will have more time on their hands. Vacation season is almost here.

Packed bags, road trips, long flights, camping, days at the lake, and beach time are some of the most popular summer activities. And they all have one thing in common.

They produce waste.

Sadly this is a common sight after weekends, tourists, and vacationers leave behind.

Grove, Oklahoma is right on the banks of Grand Lake, which is one of the largest lakes in Oklahoma. Grand Lake has 46,500 surface acres of water that is used for boating, skiing, fishing, swimming and sailing. Grove is a tourist town, and it’s population nearly doubles during the summer lake months.

That increase in population directly effect the amount of trash that gets into the natural ecosystem. Many times campers leave their camp sites littered with trash, even tough trashcans and dumpsters are located throughout campsites.

The annual shoreline cleanup day at Grand Lake was April 27, 2017 in preparation for the lake season.

Much is the same for beaches. It important for beach goers to be responsible for their trash, and to not let their litter remain.

Taking a personal trash bags along to the beach insures somewhere to keep trash contained. Many public beaches provide trash and recycling receptacles for beach goers to help stop beach littering.

Plastic bags are very harmful to sea turtles because they look like sea turtles favorite snacks, jellyfish.

On Earth Day, people across the globe took time out of their day to pick up trash, and took care of the nature around them.

That habit of stewardship is a good practice to complete daily.

When traveling be conscious of waste production and removal. Keep the world’s natural beauties and wonders clean by leaving places cleaner than when you arrived.


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