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Morgan Knox

News Writing NSIM 2053

Story 1: Welcome Week 2016: Cultivate

“Room 311…311…311!” the Tri-W’s voices echo throughout the chaotic dorms, “Fridge incoming! fridge!”

The long standing tradition of Welcome Week begins with cars that fill the campus streets and a steady mist falling from the sky. Tri-W’s are shouting, singing, and bum-rushing cars to welcome new students onto campus. It takes a matter of minutes for the swarm of workers to empty a car packed to the brim, and to deliver its contents to the respective rooms.

“It was pretty unforgettable! I think it’s a pretty special and iconic thing about move in day that I’ll think about every time I move in the future,” said freshmen sociology major Brooke Masterson, “and how helpful the Tri-W’s were; I barely had to lift a finger!”

Along with their Tri-W’s and small group the new students of Bison Hill have many opportunities to network and get plugged in to campus through the Stake Your State Dinner, the hilarious Tri-W Skits, small group meetings, book study and Serve Shawnee.

The Serve Shawnee event allows for students to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ around the Shawnee community. Students went to area churches and non-profit organizations to help move brush, de-weed gardens, sort donated clothing, and even set up a haunted house.

“The OBU mission statement says we are to engage a diverse world, and Serve Shawnee is exactly that,” said Steering Committee senior and communication studies major Emma Patton. “Through serving our community, students take the gospel to places in need, they get to see ways in which they could continually serve throughout the year and they are the hands and feet of Jesus, loving people in the community.”

The new students were divided up between subgroups: Cobalt Clergy, Titanium Trainers, Scarlet Socialites, and the Verde Vines. During meetings with their subgroups the new students learn about OBU history, traditions and the famous chant “Ka Rip”.  The students integrate into OBU under many traditions; the most revered being The Ka Rip Wars. This year’s victory went to the Cobalt Clergy.

“Oh Ka Rip wars… I was on Cobalt Clergy and I broke my foot the first time we went crazy after Ka Rip. But we won, so I think it’s worth the month in the boot!” said sophomore digital media arts major Tri-W Jacob Jolly.

After the winner was crowned all four subgroups joined together to say Ka Rip in a thundering and cohesive voice of new and old OBU Bison students alike.

“My favorite part of Welcome Week is coming together after Ka Rip Wars as one student body for the Unity Gathering,” said senior biology major and Tri-W Jenni Cartmel. “Despite having just participated in Ka Rip Wars where we are four separate groups, we can still come together not only Bison but as followers of Christ to worship and give Him praise.”

A serious and solemn hush falls over campus; it was time for The Walk. The new students, with beanies adorned, retraced the steps of many classes before them as they walked the people lined sidewalks through campus and onto Raley Chapel steps. The next time they take those steps will be on their graduation day.

Here is where Tri-W’s, crew, Student Ministry, and the OBU Community cheered and celebrated the new OBU class of 2020.

“My favorite part of Welcome Week was seeing the community that we had been praying about for a year come together. Many of the relationships built during those ten days of Welcome Week will last a lifetime,” said Patton.

Welcome Week 2016 ushered in the second largest class in OBU history who will cultivate great things on campus and around the world.

“Grow on new students for today you are now Bison,” said senior nursing major and Steering Committee’s Co-Chair Gracie Perkins to the students on the steps of Raley Chapel.